This manual provides details regarding the system administration of uPerform, including server installation and configuration. Information related to creating and managing content is provided in the companion manuals Creating Content and Managing Content. This manual includes overview information and step-by-step procedures for system administrators. For purposes of this manual, a system administrator reviews and applies the hardware and software specifications, installs and configures the Server, manages installations of the Editor, and performs regular maintenance of the Servers. This manual also references content authors and administrators who develop and maintain content, and end users who access content, share content links with other users, and provide feedback to authors.

Step 1: Server Landscape

Step 2: Installing the Server

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Step 3: Configuring the Server

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Step 4: Specifying Authentication Types

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Step 5: Upgrading an Existing Server

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Step 6: Editor Overview

Step 7: Uninstalling the Server

Step 8: Customizing Options

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Step 9: Performing Routine Server Maintenance

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